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Pivotal Talent scientifically profiles, screens, shortlists and ranks candidates according to key predictors of performance and potential.Read more »


Grow future leaders
Pivotal Talent scientifically measures the ‘gap’ between an employee’s profile and the optimum qualities required for success.Read more »


Keep the good hires
Pivotal Talent actively measures, manages and reduces attrition risk — lowering it by as much as 66%.Read more »

Traditional recruitment methods were costly and time consuming. Since using Pivotal Talent, we’ve improved the efficiency and speed of our hiring decisions. 

Graham Powell
Director of a Premier Boutique Collection Firm

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Pivotal Talent can rationally screen and sort through thousands of candidates to determine the ideal shortlist of best-fit talent. Then it helps you develop and retain those employees. The technology can think for itself, learn as it goes, and improve its accuracy with each new hire. As a result, it outperforms traditional approaches across all key indicators of performance and potential. Pivotal Talent is powerfully predictive.

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