Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Scientific. Proven. Powerfully predictive.


A career selection technology that’s powerfully predictive.

TAMI goes beyond the usual aptitude tests, and looks at an individual’s full potential. The technology finds the right career path for those who are just starting their journey – or for those who are considering a change in direction.

TAMI scientifically and automatically matches a skill set to suitable career prospects. It takes into account the ‘softer’ skills – like personal interests and ‘grit’.

Unlike standard tests, TAMI widens its calibrations in order to narrow the career focus.

How it works?

An online questionnaire is completed, lasting between 90 and 120 minutes.

An individual profile is generated, covering skills, competencies, ‘task interest’, and performance potential. These are matched with viable career options – and the necessary training required for success is suggested.


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