This is a one-of-a-kind, web-based technology solution.

About Pivotal Talent

Who is Pivotal Talent?

Pivotal Talent is a creator of a disruptive technology solution. The name speaks to our role at the centre of the action, and at the heart of things.

Pivotal Talent integrates proprietary algorithms with six decades of research from top global institutions. As a result, it is a powerfully predictive tool for corporates, HR professionals, and individuals seeking clarity in their current or future careers.

The technology

The solution makes use of predictive analytics to scientifically determine suitability and performance of an individual, relative to a specific role or career field. Unlike standard tests, Pivotal Talent widens its calibrations in order to narrow its focus.

Pivotal Talent is automated: users complete profile assessments online, and results are immediate. Importantly, an algorithm is unbiased – so all reports are transparent and reliable.

Pivotal Talent goes well beyond the usual aptitude tests, and looks at an individual’s full potential.

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Because with science comes certainty

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