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Promotion practices need to evolve

We all know that leadership is a top priority for HR professionals, yet many organisational policies and procedures related to promotions are outdated.


Recruitment practices may stifle diversity

The role of the recruiter is critical when hiring the most applicable candidates, yet they overlooking an indispensable element in favour of the x-factor.


CNBC Africa: The cost of a bad hire and how to fix it

Pivotal Group’s co-founder Joel Stransky discuss Pivotal Talent’s scientifically accurate performance prediction model that allows companies to make better decisions when hiring and developing talent.


How much are bad hires costing you?

When considering the costs associated with recruiting and on-boarding new employees, making the wrong decision will result in a massive impact for an organisation. The cost of hiring a new employee extends far beyond their monthly salary.


Augmented Intelligence Drives Pivotal Talent Solutions

Pivotal Talent’s solutions are able to predict more accurately the performance of candidates and employees, and provide insight into their performance and potential and, therefore, retention.

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