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Bolstering the hiring process and driving retention initiatives

By accurately matching candidates to specific job roles, the client realised significant business benefits including a 42% reduction in overall attrition, an increase of over 10% in productivity and a 20 – 32% increase in customer satisfaction.


Fin24: AI ‘world first’ could transform SA recruitment process

Companies often make educated guesses about who they hire and are biased through the subjective interview process, but a new artificial intelligence (AI) solution could change all that.


CNBC Africa: How artificial intelligence can be used to create value for companies

Dr. Juan Swartz, Lead Scientist and Co-Founder of Pivotal Talent talks to CNBC Africa regarding artificial intelligence.


Adopting strategic hiring practices to reduce attrition

A strategic approach to our client’s hiring process has had a direct impact on business results as well as showing a marked improvement in employee performance and a reduction in staff-turnover.


Disrupting Talent Management

We have been hit by a multitude of digital disruptors affecting many aspects of our lives over the past decade, but little has changed in the talent management space, until now.

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