SelectONE uses Pivotal solution for faster, accurate recruitment

Intelligent and automated digital technologies are changing the recruitment industry by helping to more accurately identify, screen and place talent, with the added capability to provide these comprehensive services at scale.

Businesses that partner with smart hiring solution providers typically benefit from increased recruitment efficiency, lower costs per hire, reduced employee turnover and better workforce productivity and output.

Given these compelling benefits, more corporates globally now prefer smart hiring services to meet their recruitment needs.

SelectONE identified this growing market demand and subsequently launched Africa’s first truly digital-first talent acquisition and recruitment service provider.

“We’re passionate about matching the right people with available and relevant jobs to create tangible benefits for individuals and improve recruitment outcomes for businesses across sectors, covering the entire organisational hierarchy,” explains Jessica Schutte, Head of Human Capital at SelectONE.

Before going to market, SelectONE needed to find a suitable technology partner to support the company’s dedicated team of experienced HR professionals and recruitment specialists with intelligent digital capabilities that can improve recruitment accuracy and streamline processes.

“We searched extensively for a suitable digital assessment tool to incorporate into our methodology and discovered Pivotal Talent,” continues Schutte.

Pivotal Talent is a technology solution provider that uses predictive analytics to scientifically and accurately profile, screen, match and rank candidates according to key predictors of performance, retention and potential, relative to a specific role or career field.

“Developed in partnership with Scientia, a theoretical research centre that sought to define skills that predict performance, the solution scientifically integrates an extensive knowledge base with proprietary algorithms to generate probabilities for future outcomes, such as rating a candidate’s fit for a specific role,” explains Tana Hall, Head of Business Development at Pivotal Talent.

Pivotal Talent’s assessment solution is based on an integration model that incorporates objective, validated research from over 100 top global institutions compiled over the last 60 years. These models span multiple disciplines and integrate fields as diverse as psychology, neuroscience, organisational theory, ethnology, cultural anthropology, cognitive reasoning, sociology, economics and organisational behaviour.

“Our solution uses this information in a proprietary Augmented Intelligence (AI) algorithmic model to more accurately predict candidate potential and performance,” adds Hall.

As such, this AI-driven assessment tools is more accurate than other forms of psychometric testing or neuroscientific assessments currently available.

According to Schutte, incorporating Pivotal Talent’s sophisticated pre-screening tool into SelectONE’s recruitment methodology created a comprehensive end-to-end solution that blends the industry’s established high-touch approach with high-tech capabilities to find the right candidate and match their specific skills with the right position.

“We use Pivotal Talent for all our recruitment mandates to pre-screen candidates and accurately determine that they have the correct skills for the job. The tool also evaluates candidate potential to align with company culture,” she elaborates.

As a cloud-based solution, Pivotal Talent also empowers SelectONE to conduct online assessments to vet candidates from anywhere in the country.

Additionally, the Pivotal Talent solution enables SelectONE to source and match specialised, critical or scarce skills, or find best-fit candidates for bulk recruitment drives related to large-scale operations such as contact centres, or support employment equity and empowerment mandates.

Following the screening process, the Pivotal Talent tool generates rank lists, which ranks candidates from most to least suitable. These lists negate the generally time-consuming and administratively onerous task of manually sorting candidates.

SelectONE recruitment consultants can then easily review the most suitable prospective candidates and accurately match the ideal individual with the available job role to deliver a responsible and personalised service to both employers and job seekers.

Furthermore, leveraging Pivotal Talent’s automated solution in SelectONE’s recruitment process helps to deliver cost and operational efficiencies by streamlining hiring and delivering faster results, without sacrificing accuracy.

And by making more accurate selections upfront, SelectONE boosts talent retention, which reduces the costs associated with hiring the wrong person or responding to high staff attrition rates.

“Ultimately, it is the combination of our team, our proven and robust methodology, our understanding of the regulatory environment and its impact on business strategy, and our use of the Pivotal Talent solution that enables us to simplify recruitment and deliver better outcomes for businesses of any size, across every sector,” concludes Schutte.

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