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How does it work?

Pivotal Talent is multidisciplinary, integrating fields as diverse as neuroscience, ethnology, organisational theory, organisational behaviour and many others. It has the world’s most comprehensive ‘integrated task database’.

The technology can produce a complete profile for individuals or employers, which can be matched to specified job requirements. Pivotal Talent is capable of understanding, layering and adapting a complex matrix of data – and simplifying it in a way that humans can understand and work with.

The Benefits?

Pivotal Talent raises standards, while reducing costs. The technology improves career prospects, enhances working environments, cultivates teamwork, and promotes diversity.

If you’re looking to recruit a potential employee, Pivotal Talent’s Recruit can rationally sort through thousands of candidates to determine an optimal shortlist.

If you’re looking to identify future leaders, Pivotal Talent’s Develop can measure an employee’s profile in relation to the optimum qualities required for success.

If you’re looking for subject choice guidance, Pivotal Talent’s SubjectChoice can scientifically guide subject choices.

If you’re looking for clarity on your career, or your future academic choices, Pivotal Talent’s CareerGuide can help you plan ahead.

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