Sport professionals and Career Shifters

Sport professionals and Career Shifters

Scientifically match sport professionals and career shifters to the most suitable career path.

Prepare for your second life

Most professional sports people have an expiration date on their current careers – a point in time at which they are no longer able to perform at their peak. So, the sooner younger sportsmen and sportswomen start thinking about their lives beyond the track, pitch or pool, the better. If Pivotal Talent can help those looking to make the big move from a sporting arena into a more corporate space, we can help anyone! Whether its career specialisation or a more dramatic shift, our algorithm can assist with the answers.


Pivotal Talent makes a second career count

Starting something new in your thirties or forties can be exciting. But it’s imperative to make the right choice: your profile will identify the optimal career path.

Pivotal Talent builds on past experience

While the shift from a one career to another is a profound undertaking, your existing skills may be more applicable to your new environment than you think.

Pivotal Talent identifies possibility

The technology also highlights ‘gaps’ in knowledge or experience that may need to be filled if an individual is to succeed in their second career.

Pivotal Talent works right now, and in the days ahead

Understanding your future options allows you to plan ahead. So, there’s no need to make any sudden decisions.

Pivotal Talent is perfect for sport professionals

Few career shifts are as dramatic as moving from a sporting arena to a more corporate environment. We can help athletes continue as achievers.

Pivotal Talent eliminates unconscious bias

An algorithm can’t play favourites, or insist on a presupposed career path – so there are no false positives. Just great science!

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