Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Scientifically match individuals to the most suitable career field.

Find the career that fits

CareerGuide is a one-of-a-kind, web-based solution that applies augmented intelligence and draws on six decades of research to deliver powerfully predictive recommendations.

By scientifically and automatically identifying your inherent skills and interests, we’re able to recommend the most suitable subjects and career fields.

Unlike standard tests, the solution also takes into account ‘soft’ skills, like personal interests, preferences and ‘grit’ to widen its calibrations. In doing so, we can narrow down your career focus.  It’s powerfully predictive.

How does Pivotal Talent help?

  • Career prioritisation: Ranks a list of career fields from most suitable to least suitable.
  • Overall recommendation score: An integrated outcome that takes natural skill, interests, and real-world opportunities into consideration.
  • Tertiary qualification suggestions: suggests relevant tertiary qualification options based on the career fields recommended.

A pivotal decision

Allow Pivotal Talent to augment and affirm every critical decision on an individual’s journey to a fulfilling and successful career.

  • Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners: CareerGuide scientifically matches learners to the most suitable career fields.
  • Students and work seekers: CareerGuide scientifically matches students and work seekers to the most suitable career fields.


  • Multidisciplinary scientific approach: draws on diverse fields and factors to make accurate decisions.
  • Predictive analytics: maximise the scope of an individual’s evaluation, increasing the chances of success.
  • Accurate and automated: significantly reduces career guidance costs.
  • Integrated task database: understands an individual’s unique abilities; narrows the career focus.
  • Highly innovative: outperforms other approaches and solutions across all key indicators.
  • Simple and convenient: conduct the assessment on any internet-enabled device.

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