Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment

Scientifically profile, screen, shortlist and rank candidates.

Find the perfect-fit candidates

Putting the wrong person into a position is incredibly costly. That’s reflected in the bottom line and can also be felt throughout an organisation.

Recruit can scientifically profile, screen, shortlist and rank candidates according to key predictors of performance and potential. What’s more, the solution can also decide when someone may be more appropriate for a different role than the one originally specified.

An almost infinite number of candidates can be accurately — and speedily — shortlisted to the best-fit top ten. The time saved manually sifting through CVs, and the errors avoided, contributes directly to increased investment returns.


    • Multidisciplinary scientific approach: draws on diverse fields and factors to make accurate decisions.
    • Predictive analytics: maximises search efficiency, tracks career progress, increases top line productivity.
    • Accurate and automated: significantly reduces talent management costs.
    • Integrated task database: factors in specified skill sets and unique corporate cultures.
    • Highly innovative: outperforms other approaches and solutions across all key indicators.
    • Simple and convenient: conduct the assessment on any internet-enabled device.

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